The Zip Line Course

Our full Valley Zipline Tour is now only $89.99 and can be reserved here.


Ranger Driving


When you begin our tour, we will drive you in comfort and style, to the top of the valley.




Line One

There, you will begin your first leg of the tour. You will ride the first five lines of the tour along the ridge in the surrounding woods. These lines fly through the canopy from tree to tree. As you land on the fifth line you will be preparing for the first tower line!


At this point you will be at the lines that make our course completely unique. The three monster zips crisscrossing the valley over our lakes, will completely blow your mind. Each of these lines measures over 1000 feet long and over 100 feet in height. This is a view you will never forget. These lines reach speeds of 40 mph over the valley.


After you ride the last Monster Line, we will send you over to “THE DUEL”, Twin R"The Duel"acing Ziplines! You will pick your opponent to face off in a head-to-head high speed race, 80 ft. above the mini course.


rappelAfter the smoke clears from ” The Duel ” racers, you will saddle up for the last line of the tour… But don’t think your off the hook yet! Line #11 sends you flying as you zip out over 50 ft. above the valley floor to our tower… After completing the final zip you will rappel to the ground.

We guarantee you will never find another zip line course that compares to Valley Zipline Tours. Hope to see you down at the Valley in 2012! RIDE THE VALLEY !

Be sure to read our course rules before signing up to run the main course.

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