Tree Top Tour

We have had lots of people asking about a slightly shorter tour than our main course. So we’d like to introduce our Tree Top Tour.

The Tree Top Tour starts at the top of the valley, where you will ride 5 lines from platform to platform in the canopy. After the 5th tree top line you will take the trip across the lake on one of our signature monster lines, that measures over 1000 feet long.


The price of the Tree Top Tour is $80 but, if you call in today we will give you a special introductory price ! You must call in to make a reservation for the Tree Top Tour. (740) 654-3392

This tour is low impact and does not include any strenuous climbing or hiking.

If you finish the the Tree Top Tour and would like to continue on and finish the Main Course you are able to upgrade.

All course rules apply for the Tree Top Tour. The tour will take approximately an hour and a half to complete and is available 7 days a week.

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